Quality wood structures
since 1956

Ecological constructions made from PEFC * certified laminated wood.
* Global association for the sustainable management of forests

We work for our customers with many years of experience and the highest quality. Buchacher Holzbauconsulting will support you from the first steps in the development, design and final realization thanks to a professional network made up of the best suppliers and engineers all over Europe.

Christof Buchacher BSc.

Dipl. Ing. Ernst Buchacher


Consulting - Design - Realization

"Wood is in balance and has proven itself over centuries."

Philippe Villeneuve, chief architect of Notre Dame in Paris, on the reconstruction of the historic roof structure in oak.
Create your personally Carport!

Eco-friendly carports for cars, bikes and sports
Solar carports with powerful PV-panels for your green electricity!

  • 100% protection against sun, wind, rain, snow and hail!
  • Ecological constructions made from PEFC * certified laminated wood.
  • All models can be designed flexibly and personally.
  • Large selection of colors: f.e. Natural, Swedish Red, Avorio White.
  • Possible additions: Solar panels, E-charging stations, side walls, LED light spots.

There are 3 models to choose from: BASIC, LONG, TWIN.
All carport models can be equipped with solar panels.

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Quality for many years!

Buchacher Carports then and now 

anno 1989- Buchacher Carport for highway customs

2021- Eco-friendly Solar Carports

Retractable multifunctional pavilions

Open and close in just 4 minutes by simply pressing a button!

The retractable multifunctional pavilion is an architectural gem on every main square in a town or community. Ideal for concerts and cultural events. After the event, the pavilion will be retracted and the space will be freely usable again. The shell-like shape offers optimal acoustics and the roofing 100% protection against sun, wind and rain. You can choose between different sizes, colors and coverings. We offer the pavilions in two versions: Retractable an fixed.

Copyright © Ernst Buchacher Design. All rights reserved.

  • Alexander-Hochfilzer
    Dear Ernst!
    "Your" pavilion is not only the center of our village, but now a landmark of Going.
    Thank you very much for your commitment!
    Mayor of the municipality Going am Wilden Kaiser
Create your own wellness area!

Pergolas, terrace roofs, swimming pools

Pergolas, relax-pavilions and terrace roofs offer beautiful expansion options for private and tourist areas. With different coverings to choose from wood, glass, membrane or with solar panels for a green choice! An international novelty are the eco-friendly and elegant swimming pools. With excellent technical quality and solid constructions made of laminated wooden elements.

Pedestrian bridges, bycicle bridges

New constructions and renovations of bridges

We design and realize pedestrian bridges and bycicle bridges for private, touristic and public areas. Many years of experience and the most modern know-how guarantee complete satisfaction. The renovation or replacement of existing old bridges is carried out by us according to a proven and recognized technical method.

Laminated beams building KIT

For commercial and PRIVATE customers

We deliver excellent laminated beams individually or as KIT according to your orders. Cut to size and processed on cnc machines, with paintings, connectors, statical calculations and executive drawings on request.

    We use the data provided by you exclusively for processing purposes and solely for the duration of processing your enquiry.